We have a responsibility to be accountable and transparent in our work towards applicants, the community in general, and donors. This accountability is not limited to financial accountability but encompasses social and ethical accountability as well.

This requires us to be cognizant of existing power structures, systemic racism, and how our work fits within those structures and works to oppose and break down the barriers people face.

Selection Committee

Our selection committee is comprised exclusively of BIPOC individuals. They work collaboratively together to evaluate the applications. The decision of the Selection Committee is final.

We recognize that it is vital to ensure that BIPOC individuals are paid for their labour. As such, all members of the Selection Committee receive an honorarium for their time and effort.


Transparency and accountability go hand in hand. We commit to quarterly reports at the conclusion of the 3 application windows and a year in review at the end of the calendar year. These reports will account for the donations received, detail the grants given, and include any expenses covered by contributions from founding partners.

Reports will be published on our Reporting page.


We welcome any member of the community to approach us with any concerns, suggestions, complaints, or comments. You can use this form to submit your thoughts (this form can be completed anonymously).