ShowUp: A Fund for BIPOC & QT Creators offers grants to level the playing field and remove barriers that these creators face when entering and establishing themselves in the maker community.

These grants are not charity, nor hand outs. They are the recognition that we live in a society that is not fair. A recognition that white supremacy leads to discrimination, reduced opportunities, and additional barriers for Black, Indigenous, People of Colour and Queer and Trans individuals. These grants aim to work in small, expedient, and localized ways to reduce those barriers.

We hope to hear from you – applicants and supporters alike. Explore the site to see how you can get involved in crafting change.

The current application round closes March 31, 2023.

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Learn how how you can donate and support ShowUp as we work to remove financial barriers for BIPOC and QT creators looking to participate in craft and vendor events.

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